by Dan H Band

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released February 26, 1995

Dan H - Vocals, Guitar
Marty MacKeever- Keyboards, Background Vocals
Dave Hill - Drums
Trent Norton - Bass, Background Vocals
Produced by Dan H and Brian Foraker
Engineered by Tom Tucker and John Hampton
Recorded at Paisley Park Studios



all rights reserved


Dan H Band Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Harley
When the road seems hard, and the day seems mellow, and in the night no rest will come. I could take it back, i could start it over, but I don't know where its from. I remember what I've done, I can see see it all and I can feel the rain coming down. But, I shouldn't have let her ride on my Harley, now I'm never gunna see it again.

When the promise fades, and the bonds are broken, there's a hollow that will come. I could take it back, i could start it over, but I don't know where its from.

Fool me once, its shame on you. Fool me twice, and I'm the fool.
Track Name: Better Than That
Father made the rules when you were living with him. Now you’re on your own and every door seems open. When you were flying high, everything seemed funny. But now you’re on your own and you aint got no money. But don’t let it change you, you should know better than that. And don’t let it break you.

Long live the Child, dreams running wild. See them as you are and you will make it!
Track Name: Beauty All Around Me
I see beauty all around me, but its clouded by the darkness of the desperate situation of the state our souls are in. I raise my eyes to the sky, I raise my voice to the world. But I have nothing to say. All I can give are my tears.

All the people that surround me have a special kind of beauty. But, they've been lied to once too often and they just don't know their worth. I raise my eyes to the sky, I raise my voice to the world. But I have nothing to say. All I can give are my tears for how it could be for you and me.
Track Name: Stop
You didn’t even know my name a couple months before. Now you’re always hanging ‘round, knocking at my door. You know that I need some time to understand my place. What’s the matter with your world, that you can’t give me space?
Stop asking me, I gave it all. I gave it all away. Stop!
Track Name: House of Stone
Hello! Hello? Speedo get back, say how you been? I always knew that you'd be my friend. Been along time since you been around, glad to see that your back in town. Ronnah step back let me look at you. Sorry to hear what you've been through. Don't look back he's gone away. Now you're here and I hope you'll stay.

In our House of Stone, we are not alone when we all get home, to our House of Stone.

I never knew it could be this way so simple and free.
So easy, like me!
Track Name: Flowers
Travel lightly. Don’t forget your way back home. It was only you this time. Please remember what I’ve said and what I’ve done. It was only you this time. Don’t be silent. Ask the questions that you need. It was only you this time. I’ll be praying. I’ll be wishing you were here. It was only you this time.

When you go, you take all the flowers with you. I remember when they were mine. When you go, you could see the world and wonder. If you could see this world, I wonder what you’d say.
Track Name: Cheese and Candy
I got something to say, this is what i know. I call her on the telephone; she says she can’t go out. She’s always got the reason; she says she’s tired out. I know about her habits, she lives like Mr. Bill. She never seems to show up to where she says she will. I could tell her a thing or two, but that’s just not my style, I wouldn’t want to be rude. I’ve never asked her about where she goes at night. I’m not sure that she’d tell me, but I’m afraid she might.

She lives on Cheese and Candy, she says she don’t need more. She lives on Cheese and Candy. She’s knocking at your door.

You know I knew her ever since she was a little child. Now she’s playing grown-up and shes acting so darn wild.
Track Name: Tears
Josie had a problem, one I thought she never would. Things don’t always work out like they should. She’s searching for the answers every day. She tries so hard, but tears can make you tired. Tears can make you tired of your life.

I went out to see her. Saw her only just the other day. She looked at me, but what was I to say, seems so bad when nothing goes your way. She tries so hard, but tears can make you tired. Tears can make you tired of your life.

I know that I should help her. I know that I should tell her, but tears can make you tired.
Track Name: Mary Jo
It’s not good to compromise your beliefs to live his lies. It’s easy to forget yourself when you’re caught in someone else. She got taken by surprise. She got looking in his eyes. Now she just can’t walk away. There’s not that much that I could say to Mary Jo.
Track Name: There B4
Where is he, the one that said it would be alright? Far away, and no one remembers his name. Here we stand facing the problem with eyes turned down, wondering how something like this could show up now. I believe that given the chance, we would turn it down. All the while, everyone’s standing around. Once or twice, it was on the tip of our tongues, but it didn’t come out. We’re all dressed up, but now we’ve got nowhere to go.

It was there b4, but no one talked about it, no one said a thing.

We were standing in the fortress that was holding back the tide. All the doors were open, but now we’re stuck inside.
Track Name: Shari
She keeps her life in constant motion, traveling far across the ocean. I’m glad she had the notion to give me a call. We hadn’t talked for such a long time and maybe it might have been the wrong time, but I just had to tell her something she didn’t know. She never found a place to fit her that was the reason she was bitter, I think tonight it finally hit her, and now she knows. I don’t know why I hadn’t told her, she needs to find someone to hold her. I’ve got a place upon my shoulder and she knows.
Shari’s got a lot on her mind tonight. I love her.
The hardest thing I know is to find your way back home. If she’s feeling all alone, at least she knows, “I love her.”